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Sash Window Cord Repair Specialists

Has your beloved sash window become difficult to open and close, and your room’s feeling a draft as a result? If the answer is yes, then your sash window cord may be the culprit.
As Sash Window Cord Repair Specialists, Traditional Carpentry is on call to help when it comes to a replacement that’s straightforward, cost-effective and hassle-free.   

What is a sash window cord?

Although it might seem pretty self-explanatory, it is always good to know about the minor fixup problems needed for your property, to prevent the issue from recurring again. A good pair of Sash windows relies on counter-balance from two weights that are hidden at the sides of each. They are hung on cords, pulling down on a wheel that is located at the very top of each frame. With regular use (as is the point with a sash window installation!), the chord can risk snapping. If this happens, a professional will need to take a look and usually take the sash out of the frame in order for a full replacement. Essentially, it’s a fiddly job but pretty straightforward for someone that knows what they’re doing.

Sash Window Cord Repair Specialists

How to spot if you need a specialist sash window cord repair:

If your sash window has any jarring feeling when attempting to open and close it, or it drops when you open, then you’ll need a specialist sash window cord repair service to fix the problem. Give our team a call, and they will assess on the phone what the problem may be and arrange one of our experts to come out and take an in-depth look at the issue causing your fawlty windows, which is almost always a case of a broken cord. Getting an expert to fix the problem,  is necessary as we can replace your cord with a similar thickness, that is counterbalanced by the weight of your sash window. It’s also a smart way to save money, or future problems as we provide cords that are durable, long lasting and premium quality.  

Other things to consider:

Sometimes a small replacement requires other considerations when it comes to your budget. For example, repainting around the windows might be a good idea if any paint has chipped in the process of cord breakage. We will also look at any broken window beads, as this can typically become a problem once the sash window cord breaks. We’ll fully assess the issue, and notify you if this should be included in your sash window replacement service. In rare cases, it may actually be your window that’s in need of rebalancing. We also offer an affordable Sash Window replacement and repair service if your window is in need of a permanent fixup solution.