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Sash window repair – what are the signs

No one wants to contemplate sash window repair. The idea of repairing a timeless element of the home can be daunting but often necessary. It isn’t difficult to repair windows, even sash windows. Of course, you should let the professionals handle it so that the repairs are faultless. So, what signs are the warnings that your sash windows need to be repaired?

The window refuses to open

When a window begins to stick – or doesn’t open at all – it’s a sign the windows need to be repaired. Often, it’s a minor issue with the frame but it must be repaired. Windows are supposed to open and if they won’t do so freely, sash window repair is needed.

Signs your sash windows need repaired

The window slams shut

Windy weather conditions can play havoc with a window, but a sash window shouldn’t be slamming shut so easily. When the windows won’t stay open, sash window repair is likely to be needed. Typically, the problem isn’t huge, but repairs are necessary to ensure the windows operate as they should.

The window lets in a draught

Draughts are a sign there’s a fault in the window and needs to be repaired. Fortunately, sash window repair is easier than you think and not as costly either. Of course, if you aren’t sure a draught is coming in from the window, it’s important to investigate. For example, run your hand along the frame to find any gaps in the frames. If you feel a slight breeze, it’s time to get it repaired.

Sash window repair is necessary when noise becomes an issue

Windows are supposed to keep noise levels at an appropriate level; unfortunately, when the windows fail, the outside feels like the inside. When you notice outside noise levels getting louder, it could be the windows need to be repaired. Often, sash window repair is easy to do, and a professional can resolve the problem quickly. 

Worn timber

Sash window repair is necessary when the wooden frames are rotting. The windows are functioning as they should, and the problem will only get worse. Getting a professional to repair the windows is necessary and not too expensive.

Restore the harmony at home

Faulty windows are a nightmare because they cause draughts to tear through the home and mould and dampness can become an issue. It’s not ideal and must be addressed quickly. Repairing a sash window should be done by a trained professional as it will ensure a proper fit. Sash window repair can make a huge difference and will ensure your home feels safe again.