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Traditional Carpentry offers permanent repair for all wooden windows, doors and conservatories.

If you are looking for professional sash window repairs in Hendon, look no further than Traditional Carpentry for skilled and trusted sash window specialists. Our highly-skilled repair team will always attempt a permanent repair instead of a complete replacement where necessary. With years of experience, we have honed in on best practices, treatments and products to deliver our clients with complete customer satisfaction. We are so confident in our repair care products we guarantee them for ten years. 

Specialists In Sash Window Repairs Hendon

At Traditional Carpentry, our focus is on providing a good customer experience and satisfaction in our tasks. As part of our conscious, eco-friendly ethos, we make the most of all materials at our disposal. For example, when doing sash window repairs in Hendon, we extract all the rotten timber and keep any undamaged wood to treat and reuse. Not only does this prevent the timber rot from spreading, but it also means we can preserve the still healthy wood and use it during the repair process. We can replace complete sections of sashes or just repair corners where necessary using the same resin product, leaving the sashes in good condition for years to come. 

Why Choose Our Sash Window Repair Service In Hendon?

Our expert team at Traditional Carpentry offer transparent customer service, meaning we will always talk you through your options and discuss best practice plans for your sash window repairs. Offering a permanent repair for any decayed or damaged window timber has many benefits, including environmental and cost-effective results. Using our resin product from repair care international, which is much more durable and flexible than standard wood filler, we will always try to fix your windows first. For an effective way of repairing windows and doors, our team works with trained skill and experience in combination with resin repairs products to help avoid costly and inconvenient replacements.

Whether you need a complete replacement, a permanent repair or are just after some professional advice, please get in touch with us for an honest assessment. 

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Whatever your sash window needs, please contact us for professional and honest advice.