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How to Draught Proof Sash Windows

A beautiful sash window is the aesthetic dream of many homeowners, a step back in time to the Georgian and Victorian homes of the past. When it comes to heating your home, sash windows are not optimally suited to excluding draughts. Now with the cost-of-living crisis underway, draughty windows can become a bit of a nightmare when it comes to budgeting your energy bills. Fear not, here is how to draught-proof your sash windows.


It may be that you have extremely old sash windows from when your home was first built. A sensible and long-term cost-effective answer to draught-proofing your home, is to replace the windows. Remember to always check if your house is Grade listed as this can affect how much you can change, or the kind of replacement windows you are allowed to have fitted.

How to Draught Proof Sash Windows


Fully replacing your windows has a large outlay of cash, which is often not realistic. There are companies who are fully dedicated to restoring sash windows.

Old sash windows have gaps in which window beads connect to operate the aperture and closure of the window. Restorers use modern methods with old fashioned styling so you cannot tell the difference visually but will feel the increase of warmth in your home from draught-proofing.

When restoring a sash window, professionals remove the window beads and install draught excluder seals. They add modern replacement beads and draught proofing weather strips to help stop heat escaping, these are added by creating a groove around the window for them to slot into.

The weather strips are only visible when the window is open and are designed to suit the look of the window itself. Any new timber that is used is treated to match the look of the current window.

New wax-treated cord is also used to ensure weather-proofing and of course the window will be fully operational and serviced.

Restoring your sash windows can be a great way of draught proofing your home without splashing out on a whole new set of windows. It can also be a great option if your home is Grade listed. Getting a quote for both options and having a chat with a sash window professional can be of great help when trying to cut your heating bills this winter.