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An overhaul and draught proofing of box sash windows, casement windows and doors, is the most effective way of allowing your windows to be energy efficient and still work as they were originally intended, without the need for replacement or double glazing.

What we do:

A general overhaul and draught proof includes all minor repairs, re-cording and making sure the windows are balanced, fully operational and draught proofed. Any new timber will be treated and under coated, and the window will be made ready for decoration.

How we do it:

To overhaul and draught proof a box sash window we remove both top and bottom sashes. We then machine a groove in the top of the top sash and in the meeting rail of the bottom sash, and then install a weather strip into these groves. Once this is done we replace the parting bead and staff bead both of which have the weather strip pre-installed.

We replace the cord with a traditional style cord that is pre-waxed and pre-stretched. The weights will also be altered if required, in order for the sashes to operate in the correct manner. The window will then be put back together with traditional style window furniture to finish it off.

To overhaul and draught proof casement windows and doors we remove them and plane the window or door to fit the frame and allow for the weather strip. We then run a groove all the way around and install the weather strip. In addition to this, where possible we fit the weather strip into the frame of the window or door to create an extra seal around them. If the hinges or the furniture need replacing then we will do so.

After Care:

Once you sash windows, door or casement windows have been draught proofed you will need a professional decorator to finish the job. Unfortunately we do not offer this as a service. to get a high standard finish on your sash windows you will want somebody that decorates them regularly and is able to finish them off to a high standard. Don’t ruin the work you have just paid out for by using someone that will paint over the newly fitted draught strips or worse still paint the windows shut. This is a common mistake, make sure you don’t make it.

Whatever your sash window needs, please contact us for professional and honest advice.